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It was so great to see you !

3 days of oral and poster presentations, networking events, Early Career Workshop, Picture contest!

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5 Theme Sessions:

  • FF | Form, function, development
  • CC | Climate change effects
  • RP | Recruitment processes
  • AQ | Commercial & ornamental aquaculture
  • LA | Larval Assemblages

LFC44 keynote speakers:

Su Sponaugle Su Sponaugle
Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
Keynote speaker, session 1 | Thursday, 24th June 11:15 EDT “Field of Dreams: Maximizing the Value of Ichthyoplankton Datasets
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Andrea-Frommel Andrea Frommel
University of British Columbia
Keynote speaker, session 2 | Friday, 25th June 18:15 EDT “Sweat the small stuff: How local conditions can shape the sensitivity to climate change
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JudyStLeger Judy St.Leger
President & Founder of Rising Tide Conservation
Keynote speaker, session 3 | Saturday, 26th June 11:15 EDT “Meeting Aquaculture needs with Research and Production
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Network hours - connect with our mentors on Gatherly

Networking hour I: Friday 6/25 | 8 - 9:30 PM (EDT)
  • Frank Hernandez
    Larval ecology, recruitment, transport, behavior
  • David Conover
    Local adaptation, sex-determination, fisheries-induced evolution
  • Lee Fuiman
    Physiology of fish larvae, Maternal-offspring nutrient transfer, Food-web dynamics
  • Stu Ludsin
    Aquatic food webs, freshwater & marine, Great Lakes, climate change
  • Jeff Leis
    Larval tropical fish, underwater behavior, population connectivity & dispersal
Networking hour II: Saturday 6/26 | 2:30 - 4 PM (EDT)
  • Catriona Clemmesen
    Larval fish growth, nutrition, ocean acidification, RNA:DNA
  • Arild Folkvord
    Fish early life growth, survival, recruitment
  • Audrey Geffen
    Aquaculture, larval Fish Biology, age and growth, otolith shape and microchemistry
  • Tom Miller
    Modeling, recruitment, recreational fisheries
  • Hannah Murphy
    Marine ecology, population dynamics, fish early life history

Early Career Event "Emerging Technologies" - panel discussion

Dr. Aditya Nayak | Florida Atlantic University | -- Holographic imaging

Dr. Lee Fuiman | The University of Texas) | -- Food-web tracing in fish eggs

Dr. Jessica Miller | Oregon State University | -- Otolith microchemistry

Dr. Wes Larson | NOAA Fisheries | -- eDNA

The LFC44 gratefully acknowledges support from:


The COVID-19 pandemic had forced us to go virtual for 2021. But we're optimistic for 2022 (San Diego)!

As much as we had hoped otherwise, as a community we determined in March 2021 that we still could not have an in-person conference that year.

However, we knew that our research did not stop. And we still wanted to come together and hear about it!

The 44th Larval Fish Conference happened virtually in June 2021 and was a great get together full of science and networking!