“Field of Dreams: Maximizing the Value of Ichthyoplankton Datasets”

Su SponaugleSu Sponaugle

Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
Keynote speaker, session 1
Thursday, 24th June 11:15 EDT “Field of Dreams: Maximizing the Value of Ichthyoplankton Datasets”

When she is not tending a small herd of Tibetan yak along the Oregon coast, Dr. Su Sponaugle studies the physical and biological processes leading to successful population replenishment of nearshore fishes. Su is a Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University and co-leads the Plankton Ecology Lab at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Inspired to pursue marine science while growing up in Thailand, Su has retained her love of tropical oceans by focusing much of her research on coral reef fishes.

Prior to OSU Su was a professor and departmental chair at the University of Miami and served 10 years as the Editor of the Bulletin of Marine Science. Su has mentored or served on the committees of over 40 graduate students, with upwards of 60 undergraduates participating in research in her lab.

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Su Sponaugle Planktonlab | Su Sponaugle on GoogleScholar | Su.Sponaugle@oregonstate.edu

[Marine fish ecology, Early life history, Reef fish ecology, Population connectivity]

“Sweat the small stuff: How local conditions can shape the sensitivity to climate change”

Andrea-FrommelAndrea Frommel

Department of Zoology and Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia
Keynote speaker, session 2
Friday, 25th June 18:15 EDT “Sweat the small stuff: How local conditions can shape the sensitivity to climate change”

Dr. Andrea Frommel studies effects of climate change on larval fish development, with a focus on commercially important species. She has led studies around the world, investigating key species such as cod, herring, tuna and yellowtail kingfish. Since moving to Vancouver, she has been focussing on juvenile salmon physiology and how present and future ocean conditions affect them in their early migration. She has recently been appointed Assistant Professor at UBC, where she will be the new Chair in Sustainable Aquaculture, integrating climate change and aquaculture.

When Andrea is not busy rearing fish, she is out kayaking around beautiful British Columbia with her human offspring.

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Andrea Frommel at UBC | Andrea Frommel on GoogleScholar | afrommel@zoology.ubc.ca

[Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Commercial Fish, Larval Development]

“Meeting Aquaculture needs with Research and Production”

JudyStLegerJudy St. Leger

President and Founder of Rising Tide Conservation
Keynote speaker, session 3
Saturday, 26th June 11:15 EDT “Meeting Aquaculture needs with Research and Production”

Dr. Judy St. Leger is a veterinary pathologist with a strong commitment to coral reefs and fish. She is the president and founder of Rising Tide Conservation - a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding commercial production of aquaculture for ornamental marine fish. In this role, she supports and promotes research related to advancing ornamental fish production along with technology transfer and commercial adoption. Rising Tide has worked to form bridges between display aquaria, marine fish retailers, wholesalers, and producers as well as researchers around the globe.

When not learning new things about plankton and flexion, Judy is busy raising sheep for grazing on solar farms around NY State.

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Rising Tide Conservation | judy.st.leger@gmail.com

[Ornamental fish aquaculture, Early life history, conservation]